Meet Lawtoya Talks

“A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade.” 

-Abraham Lincoln

lawtoya    Hello, again! This is a special post for all of my readers. I would like to introduce you all to one of my fellow bloggers. Her name is Latoya, and she is currently in law school! The name of her blog is LawToya Talks, and everyone should support it! The main focus of her blog is to share information and beneficial advice to any individual who is attending or considering law school. Latoya and I are both passionate about sharing everything we know about the law field in our blogs. We want to help as many people as we can.


    Since I already have a deep interest in the field of law, I instantly made a connection with Latoya’s blog. The first thing that I enjoy about the blog is the visual presentation. There are a lot of law blogs online that are not visually intriguing. This makes it hard for me to stay on the web page for longer than one minute. Latoya’s creative design will keep you engaged at all times. On her blog, Latoya shares helpful links (titled LegaLinks) that can connect individuals to other beneficial law sites. My favorite LegaLink is Ms. because it is a site dedicated to women in the law field. This is exciting to me because the law field is male-dominated, and it is important that female attorneys (past, present and future) are united together. The unique part about Latoya’s blog is she shares her personal experiences. It honestly feels like you are on the law school journey with her. It is a wonderful gift to make your readers feel connected to you, and Latoya has that gift.


    I want to conclude this blog by sending positivity to Latoya and her journey of becoming an attorney. I know that she is destined to do wonderful things in this world. She is truly making an impact on people’s lives. She is an inspiration to an entire generation of future lawyers. She inspires me to make my blog content even more informative for my readers. I would recommend her blog to every person that I know. Latoya, do not stop sharing your experiences and advice on your blog. You have the platform to change anyone’s life. That is something that I personally want you to know. To all my readers, please go and support Latoya’s blog!! As a community of future lawyers, we all need to lift each other up!!!

Once again, here is the link to LawToya Talks !!


2 thoughts on “Meet Lawtoya Talks

  1. LawToyaTalks says:

    Reblogged this on LawToya Talks and commented:
    Last week I got a message on twitter from a young lady who reads my blog. Whitley is a college student in Texas and hopes to go to law school once she graduates. She told me that she loved my blog and found it really helpful. Messages like this make me SO happy, because that’s the exact reason why I started LawToya Talks.

    Whitley has her own blog, where she talks about her journey to law school. Last week, she dedicated an entire post to my blog. WHAAAT!? Honored doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt when I saw the post. So, I’m sharing it with you all. Please support Whitley’s blog and follow her on her journey to law school! She’s amazing!

    Thank you again, Whitley ❤

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